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The dog who started it all!

CH. Lindy's Sonic Boom of KJ CDX NA RN CGC, Therapy Dog

aka "Boomer"

January 21, 1992-August 21, 2008

Boomer was..

Tenacious, confident, intelligent, tough, affectionate.
My first Champion.
The epitome of a Cairn Terrier taken to the utmost limits.
His performances in the show ring (good or bad)
were enjoyed both by the judges and spectators.
Don’t bother him with those placid rats at the end of the tunnel,
He only wanted the “real” hunt, the ones that fought back.
He was a big dog in a little body.
All who met him were drawn to his character.
The public adored him almost as much as I did.
He accomplished things that some “dog people” said couldn’t be done.
He would have accomplished greater things if my
road of life hadn’t been so full of holes.
He passed on his intelligence, attitude and
good looks to his daughter.
He taught students how good their dogs could be.
He taught students how to be better handlers.
He taught me more humility and patience then any human ever could.
He taught my son, Cody, invaluable lessons in life.
He comforted the people at the nursing homes.
He disciplined dogs that needed discipline.
He ruled the pack with an iron jaw.
He showed affection with the softness of a warm hug.
He hunted, swam, played, and performed with the zest of a terrier.
He guarded his home and pack with the determination of his Rottweiler buddies, Otis and Magoo.
He was my confidante, comforter and companion in life.
Even though his years were long, our time together seems too short.
Though many dogs have and will pass through my life,
he will always hold a place in my heart.
I know he will cross that rainbow bridge as he always was,
tail up, full of attitude and that spring in his step.
When it comes time for me to cross that bridge,
I know he’ll be at the front of the pack waiting for me
with his tail up and his bright eyes.
Thank you, Lord, for bringing this great little dog into my life.

Boomer’s Accomplishments
1993 - Companion Dog
1995* - Companion Dog Excellent
1995* - Champion
(*two titles in one year)
1997 - Novice Agility
Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog
Front and Finish Obedience Awards for being
one of the highest scoring Cairn Terriers in the Nation:
2005 - Rally Novice (at 13 years old, three shows scoring over 97 each show)


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Woodwynds Magic Dragon (Puff)

Winning Bred By Group 4 at the Great Lakes All Terrier Show.

Son of CH Woodwynds the Sundance Kid and Grandson of CH Woodwynds White Diamonds and CH Woodwynds Lord of the Ring.

FLASH!!!  Puff wins his third and fourth Major at the Freeport show!

Woodwynds Gandalf The Great RA

Son of Woodwynds Morticia Addams and CH.Woodwynd & Joy Jack Be Nimble
See Gandy playing "TOTO" on SPECIAL NEWS page

CH Woodwynds Lord Of The Ring (Fergus)

Owned and Loved by Betsy Burns of Chicago

Son of Woodwynds Gandalf The Great RA and
Woodwynds Ming Na of ER

Woodwynds National Velvet (NV)

Daughter of CH Woodwynds White Diamonds & CH Foxburns Cob Her Stone

NV is enjoying her retirement with her new family!

CH. Woodwynds White Diamonds (Lizzie)

Following in her grandfathers (Ch. Flickwynds Butch Cassiday) footsteps, Lizzie has
proven herself both in the show ring and as a mother (See Woodwynds The Sundance Kid and Woodwynds Dancing With The Stars).  In this picture Lizzie is 3 years old.

 Just so you can see how much Cairns change in color, the picture below is Lizzie at 10 years old.  In 2017 Lizzie celebrated her 16th birthday!


Woodwynds The Sundance Kid (Dancer)

At seven months old Dancer received fourth place at the National Cairn
Terrier Speciality in a class of 15 adults!
Son of CH Woodwynds White Diamonds (Lizzie) and
CH Foxburns Cob Her Stone


CH. Flickwynds Butch Cassidy

"Butch" was obtained as a stud dog at seven years old from a top breeder and won
numerous Best of Breeds including Veteran group placements at 10, 11, and 12 years old. 
He is the father of Woodwynds J Taylors Way (Taylor) and a grandfather of CH. Woodwynds
White Diamonds (Lizzie).  His ancestory goes back to the great dogs
Int. CH. Flickwynds Peter Pan and CH. Cairncraig Alastair.

Woodwynds Ming Na of ER

Ming never liked the show ring so she stayed home
and loved her babies.  Ming retired and lives
in Chicago with her loving owners (see picture album)

Woodwynd & Joys Cookie Monster

Cookie had more fun staying at home and being a mommy than participating in the show ring. 
She is the mother of  Lizzie, Zoe, and Ming Na.  .  When she was finished being a mommy
she was placed with a loving family but her gentle nature and loving temperament has
been passed on to her offspring.  Cookies brother (Gus) and sister (Jemmy) won their
championships with ease.

CH. Woodwynd & Joy Jack Be Nimble (Gus) and
CH. Woodwynd & Joy Whoopie Goldberg (Jemmy)

Cookie Litters (includes Lizzie, Zoe, Ming Na, Talisker, Phoebe, Cruiser)